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​In the Spirit of Liberty, Mark Baird and his Wife have filed a New Temporary Restraining Order on the State of California using the below successful ruling on the 2nd Amendment. This is not a Jefferson item and it is not for everyone but you can participate if you choose.

see the 2A website: http://tokeepandbear.com


Recently The Ninth Circuit has affirmed in Young v Hawaii that the core right protected under the 2nd Amendment is the open carry of a loaded weapon and that right extends beyond the home and into public areas.

Donations Needed for the 2nd Amendment TRO, are tax deductible if more than $100.00, on the pay to line, type "PECAN", on the memo line of the check state "for 2nd amendment TRO" and mail to the State of Jefferson Formation mailing address below.

State of Jefferson

Patriots Nevada

County CA

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530-316-4SOJ (4765)

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