Members of SOJ Patriots Team have been working on                                    plan to enact a Resolution for a "non sanctuary"                                   We have gathered email addresses for the Supervisors,                                   he Resolution to be voted on, and we have a plan that                                  involve each of us.


Attached please find your copy of the

1.  "Resolution" for our county Supervisors to make Nevada County a "non sanctuary county"

2.  County adopted Resolution for Public Comment on non agenda items.

3.  Addresses for the County Supervisors


The more individuals that send the emails and letters to the Supervisors, the more leverage we have in asking for it to be on the ballot.  Once on the ballot, we are going to promote individuals going to the meeting to show the Supervisors that their constituents are in favor of this.  Ask friends, family, church members, other club and organizations to send this immediately.  We need to flood the Supervisors with this Resolution.

Please include the following on Your Personal Cover Letter or Amend the Cover Letter Template to include the following:

Your Supervisor's name and District

Reference the attached or (enclosed) Resolution

State Why you are opposed to the Sanctuary State of California

State your request that this Resolution be placed on the Supervisors' Agenda for a vote before the end of the year.

Ask that your Representative return your phone call to discuss his intentions.

Include your Name, Address, Phone and Email for Contact.


New press release  -  check the


Attend the Supervisor's meeting on Dec 13th for public comment Tuesday at 10:00am sharp.



Your help is necessary!  California is teetering on the edge of destruction.  We do not have adequate representation of our views in California, which is why we have the highest taxes, the bullet train, less jobs and more regulation, new, inordinate gas taxes added onto existing gas taxes, Fire Tax rescintion but no refunds and Cap and Trade.  We must be heard, we must raise our voices! 

Have you Voted in the Poll?  Vote now to persuade Nev Co Supes to support a "non sanctuary county resolution"

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